My name is Sven Mayer and I am the owner and award winning photographer for Lux images. We’re a WA based Real Estate Photography company providing customers with high quality, high impact photographs to help sell your property or services.

It was back in 2010 when I started my path into architectural photography. I focused my strengths on the real estate industry as I saw an opportunity with so many low quality photos throughout the marketplace.  This is when I decided to turn my strengths into a full time service offering. I continue to educate myself in the field of photography, real-estate industry and internet technologies which means my abilities are always changing, improving and adapting so that I stay ahead of the curve.


My photography journey actually started many years before in Germany with my grandfather. As a passionate photographer himself he helped me develop a skilful eye and capture a moment perfectly. At a young age I started taking pictures of German landscape and our family. I later went on to study photography for 4 years at the Merz Ak in Stuttgart. Throughout my travels around the world I broadened my scope to include a broad range of cultures, foreign landscapes and of course my other passion in life surfing and surf photography. Traveling through different countries with my camera was amazing. Every corner we turned revealed a spectacular new sight to capture. A memory I wanted to freeze forever. Children playing street games, elders sipping coffee and playing cards or farmers tending to their cattle and crop.


I’m a cheerful soul eager to inject my passion for photography into every project I engage in. So if you’re looking for a professional photographer to showcase your property, provide before and after renovation photos or take pictures for brochures and web sites then give me a call! Let Lux Images help you make a better first impression and one that lasts!

Featured as one of Perth’s highest-rated photographers